Different Kinds of Ear Piercings

Different types of ear piercing may be seen emerging inside the mainstream. Here are the top 10:

Ear Weaving Piercing

It comprises of multiple piercings connected to one another through one piece of jewelry. It appears attractive and definitely will win you a multitude of compliments.

Lobe Piercing

Lobe piercing includes a combination of three or more piercings at a specific interval from one another. The style never fails to draw in that extra attention from individuals even as you’re in the midst of a gathering.

Helix Piercing

In this type of piercing, the upper ear (helix) gets pierced in three areas with regular intervals. After this, 3 graduated rings or studs are inserted into the holes.


This purposeful expansion of a healed piercing style commonly is performed for wearing specific kinds of jewelry. It’s amongst the most typical methods and is performed by gradually stretching the hole, using larger and larger rings one after the other.

Anti – Tragus Piercing

The space opposite to the ear’s tragus is a hard skin of cartilage near the face. Thereby, getting it pierced will require a strong heart.

Daith Piercing

The daith is that space of the ear which acts as the earlobe’s bridge and is located right above your ear canal. It’s hard to access the section and therefore, the piercing performed here will take a couple of months to fully heal.

Upper Lobe Piercing

Upper lobe piercing or upper ear piercing is the least painful and simplest method. The ones who like to have elegant but gorgeous look certainly can try this one.

Rook Piercing

The area right under the cartilage and above your tragus is referred to as the rook. It’s the most popular type of ear piercing.

Other types of ear piercings include Snug Piercing and Industrial Piercing.

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