Help for Choosing a Wedding Ring

Congratulations, you are getting married! This can be a very exciting time and one of the most exciting things is choosing a wedding ring! This can also be somewhat confusing if you aren’t familiar with the process, as you must pick the ring style, the kind of metal it’s made of, the type of stone, and of course the size.

Our Experience Can be Your Guide
Here at Christoff Jewelers we can help you with all of those things during the process of choosing a wedding ring for your special day. We have more than 29 years of experience in the jewelry business and our people know all there is to know about designing rings and other pieces of jewelry for our clients.

We are a full service jewelry store and offer many different kinds of wedding and engagement rings and can answer any sort of jewelry question you have regarding choosing a wedding ring.

Choosing a Wedding Ring Should Match a Person’s Personality
When you start the process of picking out a wedding ring, it is likely a good idea to consider the personality traits of the recipient. Would they prefer something traditional and elegant such as a diamond solitaire? Or perhaps they are a romantic soul and would delight in a ring with intricate patterns and designs?

For a more glamorous looking ring, you can add some diamond accents onto the band or if they are the type that wants to ensure their ring’s stones are protected, consider getting a type of band that fits around the diamond and the ring girdle in a bezel style of setting.

What Kind of Stone or Metal Should a Wedding Ring Have?
Couples also need to consider what kind of metal their rings should be. Do you prefer traditional yellow or white gold? Or perhaps you would like to have platinum rings. And even though a diamond is very traditional, you can have any sort of stones you want, such as sapphires, rubies, opals, etc. It all depends on what you like and here at Christoff Jewelers we want you to love your choices when choosing a wedding ring from our wide selection.

Then of course, don’t forget to get your fingers sized so that whatever beautiful and special wedding ring you pick, it will fit when you place it on each other’s fingers at your wedding! The bottom line is that choosing a wedding ring can be very romantic while at the same time confusing, so talk to our jewelry specialists here at Christoff Jewelers when you want the best!